Tech Party

I made a post to the 147_120 Projects group on Yahoo encouraging all to check out the web site.

It’s been a long time since I posted to this blog, I guess it’s time that I got things going again. Now that we’re planning on restarting the long awaited Tech Parties, it will be good to have some things to post here.

Take a look at, join the 147_120 Projects group on Yahoo, and stay tuned for where the new Tech Parties will be held.

I look forward to seeing you there!
Tracy N4LGH

Go to the 147120_projects Yahoo group to discuss thebest time and day for the return of the central Florida Tech Party. Vern, KI4SDY proposes the return of the Tech Party to Longwood – Join in the discussion and lets get this party started!

Tonight I did a ‘dry run’ with the Tech Net … after nearly eight months off the air, we had 15 checkins and an hour of great discussion.

We’ll be back next week at the regular time – see you there!

Join us tonight on the 147.120 repeater at 8pm for the Central Florida Tech Net.

Topics will include, but not be limited to –
Tech Party comes alive again!
128×64 Graphics LCD from Skycraft
Arduino LCD controllers
Flat Flex connectors

Catch you there!

Look at this crew ;]

Burt Nate Homer Roy Jim Dave Vern and John at the last weekly tech party to he held at Verns. Another fun and productive meeting!

The only thing consistent is a constant state of change
What a great tech party. We’ve had a great year!
All things must change, and so with the Wednesday Night Tech party. Vern announced that there is a health issue in his family and he is needed at home.
We all appreciate the marvelous host that Vern has been since the establishment of the BiTX20 builders group and the ensuing Solder Social which grew into the Tech party.
Thank you, Vern! We wish you all the best and pray for a full recovery.
Burt and Nate studying intensely!

Burt and Nate checking out the data ... note all the cool digital toys surrounding them. Click the picture for a closer view.

The Tech Party needs a new facility. Perhaps two? Vern says he can probably host one meeting a month after a bit. Which got me to thinking, what if we did three tech parties a month, one at Verns, then one near the east side and one near the west side? Perhaps a ‘triangle’ with Vern to the North and spots to the Southwest and Southeast. That way everyone will have one tech party per month that is ‘closer’ to them.
Before we got the BiTX project going I had started doing the Technet from guest locations – Local amateurs homes, restaurants, parks, etc. So moving around isn’t a new concept to the technet, shouldn’t be a problem for the tech party, don’t you think?
This is a large metropolitan area and so there will never be any one location that is more convenient than another. There will always be someone excluded because of distance. This way I think more people will have a chance to participate.
SO, if you have an idea for a facility please email or leave a comment on this article. This coming Wednesday we’ll probably take the night off – if we haven’t secured a facility by then everyone is invited to my place in Winter Garden until we find locations more convenient to everyone else.
This past Wednesday was a lot of social but we got some great discovery done in the microprocessor world. I gave Nate a couple of PIC chips to play with on his new proto board and encouraged him to pick up a PIC programmer. There was some really god discussion on the various development kits available for the PIC, AVR and STMicro uP’s.

Coming along nicely! the crystal filter is installed, but needs to be tested, as is the audio amp. Go Vern!

The BiTX project is coming along nicely for most. More of us are conquering the VFO, although we will need to do a session on the VFO circuit again to learn to recalculate the other capacitors in the system to accommodate different values of variable capacitors.
I found this awesome calculator online. Can someone get this figured down to C code? This is nice –
Most of the guys have populated the crystal filter and audio amplifier portions of the board but haven’t tested them yet. Jim has almost the entire board stuffed, he’ll be mounting it in a chassis soon! This is going to get exciting when we start putting these things in enclosures and getting them on the air!
The next meeting, wherever we are, will be spent mostly on testing. We’ll have the IFR to run them on and several of us will have lab power supplies to run them with. It will be a hoot, ya’all come on out now, ya hear? ;]
Tracy N4LGH