Recently I found this toroid in a piece of telco equipment. It was in the ‘junque’ box for parts so I have no clue what the equipment was used for, although the majority of things going in that box are ring generators and various other kinds of power supplies.


It looks like a wound toroid inside a wound toroid with *some* windings common to both. Possibly a current sensing configuration with provisions for power control.

I don’t have a high res photo for you close uppers. Click on the image to get a little bit bigger version.

Does this spark your imagination for a radio project? Regen? I just thought it was cool.

Tracy N4LGH

I love ‘Deadbug’ and ‘Manhattan’ construction. Look ’em up, neat way to build a radio.

Lots of people think Deadbug is for ‘quick down and dirty’ construction, and for many it is. But it also produces circuits with an excellent ground and many times better performance because of it. And frankly, Deadbug and Manhattan projects just Look Cool.

So my friend Corey is getting on Six Meters and broke out his old transverter that converts an all mode two meter rig to an all mode six meter rig. Neat. Way back then I had started a similar project that I never completed; a six meter to two meter transverter. Just the opposite of his because at the time I had a six meter rig but not a two meter rig and he had a two meter rig but not a six meter rig …

I decided to go ahead and complete some of the wiring I had left out and realized this booger got dirty over the years. I cleaned it with flux cleaner (alcohol) and it took most of the dust and surface junk and a bit of the old flux, but the copper is still ‘ugly.’

So now I’m in a quest for a chemical, I guess. I tried a fine ‘brush’ on the flux cleaner but I just can’t get between the parts. It would look awful if I did anyway. What I really want is something I can run over the board to clean it a little better than it is but something that won’t hurt those caps …

Here’s some pictures I took from the bench cam at work. You can click on them for a little closer look. They really don’t do the little booger justice, it just looks cool.