We may be off to a late start but we’ve managed to get the City of Montverde to allow us to use property they own at the TOP of the hill on (Lake co.) CR455 overlooking Lake Apopka. Here’s a link to a map, check it frequently as we make plans I’ll draw it on the map.


Please reference the WIKI to post equipment you can bring or any other plans / items you feel appropriate –

Of course the discussion can happen on the air on the repeater! I’d just appreciate if once planned, it gets noted on the WIKI so everyone can see what’s going on.

We’re making plans for a porta-pottie, but everything and I mean EVERYTHING else is up to you guys! I was thinking it would be great to have a cookout; we’re approved for an open pit fire. Covered dish? Cool beans! Maybe literally hihi.

Tents, tables, generators, water coolers, ice, just things to mention. If we want shade, we gotta make it. There’s usually a breeze up there but it gets quite still in the night and off the shore of the lake there will probably be lots of mosquitos, so some strong fans and deep woods off should be in the plans as well ;]

The whole city will probably stop by to see what’s up; everyone knows that’s city property and will know the event is publicly accesible so they will just stop in as they desire.

Put on your ambassador hat and come play at field day!
Tracy N4LGH

The Saturday May 5th, 2012 Install fest saw 24 attendees! At least 8 computers were repaired, with Linux installed as the second Operating System, or, the first and only OS!

Max brought Donuts! Thanks, Max!

One Shuttle System computer was absolutely DEAD-On Arrival… Within about three minutes, it was fully functional, having been trouble shot as the CMOS was corrupted, by a dead battery, which was replaced, after which, it came up and booted with a Live CDrom of Linux Mint 12. Patrick Berry, KJ4JTK, refurbishes computers, so this was a well known problem.

Tracy installed Kubuntu on it, and proceeded to build and operate some of the Texas Instruments micro computer boards which he obtained for $4 to $28 each, including Free Shipping! Some run on UCLinux, a small programmable Operating System, for control of media, machines, and more!

Included in the LEAP membership are several HAM Radio operators!  Some Linux Enthusiasts And Professionals -Central Florida (LEAP-CF.org) are licensed Amateur Radio Operators. We actively promote HAM Radio, and invite other HAMs to attend! HAM Radio is fully integrated in this club of electronics hardware and software programming enthusiasts.

Phil Barnett, N4CR is shown in photos, tuning, testing, adjusting, and repairing radios, using some of his portable workbench test equipments, A Motorola Spectrum Analyzer, Frequency Counter, and more.

Some new visitors showed an interest in both Linux, and testing for their Technician License, as Linux has 78 HAM Radio programs to control radios, log contacts, design antennas, analyze and track satellites, provide HAM radio control, and more!

Many folks brought a computer, and lots of technical questions about computing, networking, and more! We enjoy the challenges presented, and are happy to answer questions, and provide solutions!

The Install Fests are held on the first Saturday each month, at Bldg. A at Winter Park Christian Church, 760 N. Lakemont Ave., Winter Park, Fl 32792.

Some new visitors received info and training on internet access, web browsing, and how to use features found on modern computers.  No question is refused!

What do you want to know, that we could help you with?

Open at 9 AM, closes at about 5 PM. Everyone is welcome!
Free coffee, cocoa, and knowledge!

http://leap.cf.org for dates, times, locations of meetings and Install Fests!

Photos, Bill Collins, for HPIM0421, others by Patrick Berry.

photo links

More Photos are appreciated, with credit, if you have any to contribute!

Patrick Berry, TSgt., USAF (Retired)
Secretary, http://www.leap-cf.org
Amateur Radio KJ4JTK — http://www.arrl.org


As mentioned on the net, the UCF club found our QRM scanning the band and took some movies. These are from April 13.

Thanks for a great net! Dayton is going to be full of Orlando this year!

During the net I mentioned the Texas Instruments MSP430 Launchpad dev kit that
they sell for $4.30. That’s right, under ten bucks shipped. And everything is on
line and free. It has a format similar to that of the Arduino, but a flavor all
its own. TI and others are offering ‘Booster Boards’ that add functionality
similar to ‘Sheilds’ on the Arduino.

There is a free IDE (development environment) for programming in either assembly
or C and there is a huge support group that can help with virtually anything. I
was impressed.

Here are the links I promised –
(in no particular order …)


Also experimenter / ham projects –

iambic keyer among other things, overall really good site
Another keyer
same guy, good linux discussion and LOTS of info.

Hope you have some fun exploring this – consider getting into it or something
like it!
Tracy N4LGH

Go to the 147120_projects Yahoo group to discuss thebest time and day for the return of the central Florida Tech Party. Vern, KI4SDY proposes the return of the Tech Party to Longwood – Join in the discussion and lets get this party started!


Well, thanks to everyone who contributed to the Fund – we collected a little over $200. That’s great!

We’re just a little shy of getting the parts we need for the move so if you haven’t contributed yet there’s still time! Go to


and click the ‘donate’ button and drop a couple of bucks on the repeater. $5 – $25 is fine! Just make sure you mark it as a ‘gift’ so they don’t take their fees out of it ;] Remember, you don’t need a PayPal account to contribute.

Special thanks to LEAP for allowing us to put our box on their table! Don’t forget to visit them the first Saturday of each month at the Winter Park Christian Church for their monthly InstallFest. They can help you with your Linux questions, and it’s always a great day.

It has been proposed that the UCF club start a net with the community for the purpose of experimenting with various digital modes.

For now, this will be erratic, as other club events permit, but the first attempt will be around 6pm this Friday, February 3.
If you’d like to participate, take a look at http://www2.mmae.ucf.edu/wiki/Digital_net and leave a comment or something or drop me a note.

I’ll see if I can put something out on the yahoo projects group as well.

Hello Everyone,

I want to start a topic of basic test gear for your station.

Frequency Counter, Volt meter/DMM, audio signal generator, RF signal generator, Simple Frequency Reference, RF voltage probe, signal tracer, and a stepped attenuator. What are you using?

de KD4WOV Tom

Wednesday, January 11, 2012, 8PM Eastern Time
“Same Tech Time, Same Tech channel!”

New format, new equipment, new year … Technet!

Arm yourself with your radio, armchair and network connection for an evening of excellent technical exploration.

Tracy N4LGH

Tonight I did a ‘dry run’ with the Tech Net … after nearly eight months off the air, we had 15 checkins and an hour of great discussion.

We’ll be back next week at the regular time – see you there!

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