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Hello Tech Fans!

This coming Wednesday we will be discussing Test and Measurement Equipment – what it is, how to use it, and hopefully personal experiences of our participants. This should be a fantastic conversation about testing and measuring all things ham radio.

See you Wednesday at 8!
Tracy N4LGH

Bitx20A Alignment in Progess

Bitx20A Alignment in Progess

Hello, I have been graciously allowed to post some thoughts about my ongoing relationship with a Bitx20A.

Where to begin… my name is Robin and I am a homebrewer. It all began when I found out you could build your own and learn about how a radio really works. No more black boxes with multiple-multifunction knobs and buttons for me. I was completely innocent, without a clue of the power this would have over me. Before I knew it I was a frequent-flyer at SkyCraft. Late night sessions at the dining room table with smoke wafting about as I ponder the perplexities of mixed oscillator signals filtered through polycrystalline mineral wafers. I still remember the joy of hearing the audible oscillations of my first Colpitts, but I digress. Consider the consequences, it is not for the faint of heart. If this is the path you choose, know what lies ahead. Capacitors that disintegrate before your eyes, signals that disappear after just a small tweak, and the frustration of “dang, I followed the directions and it don’t work”. I warned you!

That said, I will post a few photos and discuss my Bitx20 from time to time. I want to thank Tracy for his inspiration on the Tech Net and David for his Web expertise that allows me to be here. 73