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I’m very impressed by Texas Instruments. They’ve been on what I call the ‘Arduinish’ bandwagon for a long time with the ‘Launchpad’ MSP430 starter kit. Now, they’ve added a few more Launchpad kits for other processors such as the Stellaris and Piccolo processors.

But Tech Days was really cool. They had a LOT of good classes, and a mini trade show where many of the TI Partners displayed their wares. Many freebies like USB sticks, back scratchers, coolies and lots of good data sheets and catalogs.

But the best … was a small piece of paper in the TI bag they gave at the entrance. Subtle. It says ‘Tools for 10’ and when you read the fine print … it’s a $500 gift certificate!! WOW!

I’ve ordered a $400 DSP starter kit to learn DSP on. I chose one that had lots of audio features hoping it will help me learn DSP filtering and things like that. I can’t wait!

Still to arrive is the Stellaris Launchpad. There are a LOT of plug ins called ‘Booster Packs’ which are similar to Arduino shields. In fact, some of them are compatible but I don’t understand it well enough yet to explain which ones and why.

SO, keep a watch out for more cool freebies, downloads, classes, and inexpensive toys as I note them here on the blog and of course on the Wednesday Night Tech Net.

Tracy N4LGH

Thanks for a great net! Dayton is going to be full of Orlando this year!

During the net I mentioned the Texas Instruments MSP430 Launchpad dev kit that
they sell for $4.30. That’s right, under ten bucks shipped. And everything is on
line and free. It has a format similar to that of the Arduino, but a flavor all
its own. TI and others are offering ‘Booster Boards’ that add functionality
similar to ‘Sheilds’ on the Arduino.

There is a free IDE (development environment) for programming in either assembly
or C and there is a huge support group that can help with virtually anything. I
was impressed.

Here are the links I promised –
(in no particular order …)


Also experimenter / ham projects –

iambic keyer among other things, overall really good site
Another keyer
same guy, good linux discussion and LOTS of info.

Hope you have some fun exploring this – consider getting into it or something
like it!
Tracy N4LGH