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Beacon Stations

beacon list -- 10 Meter Propagation Beacons
FLWSS List of central Florida VHF/UHF/Microwave beacons
Amateur radio beacon list for 20 meters

Updated Listing

Once again this is a list of the beacon data.
VHF/UHF/Microwave beacons
Frequency RF Power Antenna Type
50.067 6w Horizontal Loop
144.277 28w Horizontal Loop
222.056 10w Horizontal Loop
432.307 10w Horizontal Loop
902.400 10w Egg Beater
1296.000 10w Egg Beater
2304.050 12w Alford Slot
3456.075 6w Alford Slot
5760.120 11w WG Slot
10368.015 3w WG Slot
24192.035 150 mW WG Slot

All are horizontally polarized and are reasonably omnidirectional.

Located in Grid: EL98gk

Revised: 07-Dec-2011