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Welcome to the Mediawiki Site for the Central Florida 147.120 Tech Net.

The Tech Net meets (almost) every Wednesday evening at 8pm on the N4LGH repeater. This repeater is located in Lockhart, Florida which is about 5 miles Northwest of downtown Orlando. At 410 feet, the repeater has great coverage and great ears. The repeater require a 103.5 CTCSS tone and also presents the tone on the output for tone squelch.

Our discussions involve anything technical, usually something to do with Amateur Radio but we’ve also been known to talk about various embedded microprocessors, Arduino and PICmicro boards, cameras, and Linux.

We always welcome new voices and love to have you join in with us. Don’t hold back, jump in there and let us know you are there!

The 147.120 repeater main web site has more links to other nets.

Central Florida's Favorite Repeater!