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Emcomm Tutorials


Miscellaneous Tutorials

  • JFET 101 a Tutorial Look at the Junction Field Effect Transistor by Wes Hayward, W7ZOI (08 May 2007)
  • Repeaters – what are they and how to use them.
  • [1] Welcome To Exploring Electrical Engineering



  • [2] Basic how to read Capacitor Codes.
  • [3] Basic how to read resistor codes?
  • [4] Capacitor color codes.
  • [5] More Capacitor Color codes.
  • [6] Experiments with Coils and Q-Measurement by Wes Hayward, w7zoi
  • [7] How to wind Toroids without pain by W8DIZ.


Circuit Construction

  • [8] Some Thoughts on Breadboarding by W7ZOI Wes Hayward
  • [9] SOLDERING TIPS by: Tom Hammond, NØSS
  • [10] Soldering Guide by John Hewes 2011, The Electronics Club


Shack Accessories

  • [11] Add Variable Voltage Control to your Fixed Voltage Power Supply by Phil Salas – AD5X
  • [12] Freq Counter DFD4 can be configured as a bench top frequency counter usable from 0 Hz to more than 3 GHz.
  • [13] Fixture for Measuring Inductor Q with your Antenna Analyzer Phil Salas – AD5X


Embedded Programming

Using Linux