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Welcome to the 147.120 repeater documentation wiki!




TechNet:Current events

To get access to this wiki send e-mail to:


About the 147.120 repeater

  • The repeater offers a great place to exchange information, and learn about technical issues.
  • It is a diverse group of knowledgeable people and those who are not technical.
  • The repeater provides a platform to promote learning thru ham radio, in a friendly environment.
  • The 147.120 Repeater is located between Longwood, Florida and Five Points. The antenna is about 250 feet in the air. The repeater is a Yaesu Vertex VXR-7000, Cat 300 controller, and a 6 cavity TX/RX duplexer. The repeater is running about 30 watts into a station master 6 db vertical antenna.

  • The Technet is a great example of the repeater and how it is being used to promote learning.
The TechNet:About is held at 8:00 PM on Wednesdays on Orlando 147.120 repeater.
Orlando's 147.120 Repeater
Sample Recordings - digital audio feeds